Warmth, tailored exactly to your comfort needs
Superia is a brand of steel radiators, made in Belgium, that still satisfy today’s requirements. 

It fits every heating requirement at a reasonable price and has been the epitome of reliability, efficiency, safety and sustainability for many years.

No wonder that so many people - including builders of new houses, renovators, architects and installation companies - opt for Superia both within Belgium and internationally. A reliable radiator is worth a lot these days. So if you are looking for an efficient and affordable radiator that is also effective at low water temperatures and with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, you have found it!

A key player for the future
Superia has been a key player in the Western European radiator market for many years, but that does not mean that it is resting on its laurels. Superia is looking to the future.
Together with experts from the scientific world, Superia is continually searching for new intelligent solutions. It aims to deliver even better performance at the same price, and to tailor its assortment right now to the comfort, use and safety requirements of tomorrow. 

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